Durability: Prada Leather Totes



Maybe one of the strongest favorite of Prada bags would be their leather bags. Most fashion lovers who demand their bag to be durable would go for Prada. Prada’s known for its durability. There’s no doubt that the most classic bag or Prada would be the Saffiano Lux bag in leather.

Most girls would go for the Saffiano Lux bag in leather. The bag is elegant, good use for everyday and in the evening. MANY colors to pick and the bag matches to most of our style.

If I were to pick a leather bag, I would go for a single color instead of having fancy patterns around the bag.
Simply look at the pictures above, what’s so sophisticated about Prada? A small logo in the center of the bag. But Prada has its own style, except their durability. You can name it classy and simplicity.

Sometimes simplicity is the best.